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Jean McChristian
Sep 23, 2021
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I first met Karon when I began my teaching career at Harmony School in 1974. Karon loved people and he immediately took me under his wing. He was so encouraging, had a great sense of humor and I loved his laugh. I remember special times with our Harmony staff--we were a family. One memory that stands out is when we took our students to Camp Cazadero for science camp for a week and I was to teach entomology. Now I was the literature and humanities expert with very little knowledge of insects. How grateful I was for the crash course Karon gave me as I stepped way out of my comfort zone. One of the first nights I remember being on "guard duty" with Karon (watching for kids sneaking out of cabins😉) and he shared his love of Jesus with me. As a new believer I was so encouraged. I am so grateful to the Lord for using Karon and Jo to invest in my life. They welcomed me into their home and Jo always had a cake or some other treat ready for visitors. They celebrated with me when I married and had children. Even after we moved from Santa Rosa in 1991, it was always a special blessing to visit them and remember together. I am ever grateful.
Jean McChristian

Jean McChristian

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