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On returning from Korea, I learned Karon was in Fort Smith, Ak. where I was getting my discharge, and when I found out

where he was I went to the Company and found him. When I walked in he was sitting on his bunk with his head in his hands

looking down. I walked up to him before he knew I was there and said how are you doing Karo? He looked up and saw me and

I wil never forget the look on his face as he was so happy to see me. I said lets get out of here and walk around, We said we

are restrictrd to the company area, I told him get ready I would go down to the orderly room and get permissios so after doing

that we walked over the post. I don't think he was as homesick after I left as when I arrived. I will never forget that day.

Ralph Bowie

Ralph Bowie

Ralph Bowie

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