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Briggs Jerry Diana
Sep 24, 2021
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Mr. Covington had a profound impact on my life for so many reasons. Over the course of over (40) years, I grew to respect this incredible man for his faith, character, love for his family, work ethic and over all passion he had for life. Whether it was teaching, coaching, abalone diving, physical fitness or investment pusuits, he did it with a passion and fervor that left an indelible mark on my life. When his son Keith and I played on a police based football team, Mr. Covington would come out to run bleachers with us associated with our conditioning routine. Mr. Covington would run us all into the ground even though he was (25) years older than all of us :) As many of the other posts have referenced, Mr. Covington loved abalone diving. Not only was he an awesome diver, he loved to go early like I did, to try and dive in optimum conditions. Years later, Keith told me that he never knew what it was like to dive when the sun was up :) The other blessing associated with ab diving with Mr. Covington, was that I was the proud recipient of Mrs. Covingtons sandwiches that were garnished with the BEST sweet pickles ever! Over the course of many years, we would talk about our families, his upbringing in Mississippi, teaching and coaching, investments and just life in general, all of which were grounded in his faith, integrity and character. I am truly thankful for the "nuggets of wisdom" that he passed on to me. He was a gentle soul but physically, "tougher than nails". Over the course of the last couple of years, Diana and I would see Mr. Covington at The Terraces and he would look me in the eye, give me a "firm" hand shake and a big hug with that contagious smile of his :) I miss him but am forever grateful for what he poured into my life and know that I will see him in Heaven :) Jerry Briggs
Briggs Jerry Diana

Briggs Jerry Diana

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